Free Electron Laser by BAKEDMEDIA®

Instructional 3D animation of the Free Electrom Laser. 3D modeling, animation, and effects designed and created at Bakedmedia by Bill Baker, Chuck Carter, and Daphne Freeman.

Electrons are stripped away from their atoms and then electrons travel into a chamber where radio waves are being generated. The radio waves boost the electrons' speed and energy until they are traveling close to the speed of light.

Next, the electrons enter a "wiggler," a series of magnets that steer the electrons rapidly back and forth. The electrons release energy in the form of light. The wiggler has mirrors at both ends that reflect light back and forth inside. As other electrons enter, they produce more light.

The mirror at one end of the wiggler only reflects some of the light. It lets the rest pass through as a laser light.
The Free Electron Laser can be fine-tuned to produce different colors of laser light. That allows one free electron laser machine to be used for a wide variety of new purposes, ranging from defense applications to manufacturing to medical applications.


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